University of Utah College of Health

Interest in physical health was the catalyst for the development of many of the disciplines that over the decades have become the seven academic units of the College of Health. The College has made a transition from the traditional “Health, Physical Education, and Recreation” model to a now critical member of the schools, colleges, and clinical programs of the U of U’s Health Sciences.

One of the largest colleges at the University of Utah, we serve over 3000 undergraduates, and nearly 800 graduate students. The Departments of Exercise and Sport Science, and Health Promotion and Education are in the top ten undergraduate degree-awarding programs on campus. Striving for academic excellence, several programs occupy high national rankings in their respective areas: Speech and Hearing Science (6); Parks, Recreation and Tourism (10); Physical Therapy (14); and Health Promotion and Education (20).

The College of Health is a critical component of the Health Sciences Center’s mission to, “improve individual and community health and quality of life through the provision of care, discovery of new treatment modalities, and providing access to care for the populations it serves.” We offer an exciting and challenging learning environment current and responsive to our role in this mission, particularly as it relates to the promotion of health and recovery from disease.

As health care transforms, our talented faculty, staff, and students play an important role managing and promoting health and wellness in myriad ways from advocating for healthy environments, promoting physical activity and good nutrition across the lifespan, to providing rehabilitation services for those with disabling conditions.

New Dean of the College of Health

David H. Perrin, Ph.D. is a renowned expert in the field of athletic training and has authored, co-authored and edited three books on athletic injuries, served as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Athletic Training and founding editor of the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, and is the editor of a five-textbook series on athletic training education.

Before taking his current position at the University of Utah College of Health, Dr. Perrin served as Provost and Executive Vice-Chancellor at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Prior to that, he was Dean of the School of Health and Human Performance at that University. He directed the graduate programs in athletic training and sports medicine at the University of Virginia, where he founded the Sports Medicine and Athletic Training Research Laboratory and mentored more than 50 doctoral students in sports medicine.