Sustainable Tourism Certificate

Sustainable Tourism Certificate


 "What a great opportunity to side by side with professionals as I get my degree!"

-University of Utah Graduate Student

Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism

Program Description


The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) presents… The Utah University Consortium in Sustainable Tourism Certificate

The certificate is designed to enable students and participants to undergo a focused concentration within their major or professional position on international issues in ecotourism and sustainable tourism development and acquire a unique pedagogical opportunity in experiential, service, and theoretical learning.

The TIES curriculum is flexible and provides a creative alternative course of study for students interested in ecotourism within the context of sustainable development, from a political, developmental, entrepreneurial, operational, or management perspectives.  The blend of unique learning opportunities and academic and professional disciplines will provide students with holistic experiences, international perspectives, and service learning encounters in ecotourism.

In addition, as part of this certificate program, you will be associated with a cohort of professionals with visible, homogeneous and credible credentials in the eyes of the broader tourism industry and especially the ecotourism sector.

The TIES incorporates the following into a comprehensive study plan for either the student or professional:

  • at least one international course provided through a university consortium member;on-campus course work;engagement in at least one internationally focused seminar through TIES (e.g., web-based or onsite, Eco-certification, Community Development, Sustainable Development Law);an internship focused on some aspect of ecotourism/sustainable tourism development consisting of 400 hours.

Timeline for Program Completion

Students enrolled in the program must complete the Certificate Program within approximately two consecutive years from the time of enrollment.

Who are TIES Participants?

 This program (TIES-UCFC) is for those who want to develop a holistic understanding of ecotourism and sustainable development.  We unite the resources that currently exist in university programs with those of The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) to offer a field certificate in ecotourism.  This certificate will ensure an educational foundation in ecotourism, with a combination of flexible and standardized components, including experiential and service learning opportunities, and internationally diverse opportunities.

What is the TIES Vision?

 All travel professionals will demonstrate an inherent, reality-based understanding of the principles of ecotourism within the context of sustainable development.

What is the TIES Mission?

Our mission is to foster a holistic understanding of ecotourism and sustainable development through the education of multi-disciplinary students and professionals.