Division of Occupational Therapy

Mastering Meaningful Movement (MMM)

Man turning wheel

MMM is a community-based class, operating outside the medical model, based primarily on principles of Neurodevelopmental Treatment and Pilates.  Participants frequently report meaningful functional gains they have made outside of class; for example, being able to plant flowers in the garden at ground level, closing the car door with the hemiplegic arm and walking without a cane. MMM has demonstrated that effective therapeutic intervention aimed at promotion of normal movement patterns and increased function can be delivered using a group format.Person Getting up off the floor

Our current class meets Mondays from 4:30-5:30pm at the Life Skills Clinic: 540 Arapeen Drive, Suite 200

For more information contact:
Yda Smith, PhD, OTR/L
University of Utah Division of Occupational Therapy