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Life Skills Clinic

Life Skills Clinic - 540 Arapeen Drive, 200 - Salt Lake City, Utah 84108 - 801.585.6837

The Life Skills Clinic is an occupational therapy clinic staffed by occupational therapy faculty at the University of Utah.  The clinic is located on the campus of University of Utah, however, therapists also work with clients in settings such as their home, school, or work place. The staff at the Life Skills Clinic strives to provide professional, evidence-based interventions in a fun, community, and family centered environment.

Give us a call at 801.585.6837

Visit our work in progress website: http://healthcare.utah.edu/life-skills-clinic


What is Pediatric Occupational Therapy?

Pediatric occupational therapists work with children and their families to encourage active participation in activities or occupations that are meaningful to them.  These could include:

* Play Related and Social Activities   * School Tasks   * Self-Care and Activities of Daily Living

How can Pediatric Occupational Therapy help?

Pediatric Occupational Therapists: Robyn Thompson, MS, OTR/L; Krisanne Lewis, MOT, OTR/L


Decreased vision does not have to lead to loss of independence.  The goal of the Life Skills Clinic’s  Low Vision Service is to provide a way for people who have low vision to maintain a full and productive lifestyle.  Our treatment focus is on how to become more independent using a person’s remaining vision.  We have a Low Vision Optometrist and Occupational Therapists who are also Certified Low Vision Therapists on staff.

How do I know I would benefit?

What is Low Vision?

What are Low Vision Services?

What can I expect?

LV Specialists: Bradley Freestone, OD; JoAnne Wright, PhD, OTR/L, CLVT and Kasey Mitchell, OTR/L, CLVT


Mastering Meaningful Movement (MMM) is a class for adults with hemiplegia.  This community-based exercise class is designed to be an affordable class to promote strength and flexibility while encouraging normal movement patterns and ways of incorporating these patterns into daily activities.  Call 801.585.6837 for class schedule.

MMM Director: Yda Smith, PhD, OTR/L